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Along with offering synthetic turf systems, Artificial Turf Supply is your source for crumb rubber too. We can supply various types, colors and sizes of crumb rubber granules, available in 50 pound or 2,000 pound sacks. For more details, please see below. For current pricing or to place a crumb rubber order, please contact your trusted artificial grass suppliers today.

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Jul 20, 2012· The reality is crumb rubber is a material human beings come in contact with on a daily basis. Artificial Turf Supply is proud to offer crumb rubber infill to consumers who want to add a safe dimension of realism to their synthetic grass landscaping solutions. We recommend crumb rubber infill to transform artificial lawns, commercial playground structures, dog exercise runs, and high traffic

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Artificial Turf Supply – Essentials and Accessories Buy Artificial Turf Supplies. In addition to offering synthetic grass systems and wholesale artificial turf, Artificial Turf Supply is your one stop shop for all of your synthetic grass turf installation supplies, accessories and cleaning products. From Envirofill infill and crumb rubber infill, to staples, nails, glue, seam tape and GreenFoam pads, Artificial Turf Supply

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Jul 31, 2018· Infill Guide to Acrylic or Crumb Rubber for Artificial Grass. Artificial Turf Supply on Jul 31, 2018. For artificial grass purchases, customers need to determine three important details before they install their new turf lawn. These three details will formulate the type of turf

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This item: 50 lb Bags of Rubber Crumb Synthetic Turf Infill Material For Turf, Fringe, Sport Fields $79.99 USA MADE Synthetic Grass Landscape, 5.5" Turf Nails / Stakes, 5 lbs Galvanized Boxed Spikes for $18.99 ORIENTOOLS Turf Rake, Ergonomic Adjustable Lightweight Steel Handle, Plastic Head with PA Brush, 32 $27.99

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Feb 12, 2016· Crumb rubber pellets recovered from an artificial turf field, left, and Nike Grind rubber bits, nestled among fake blades of grass, at right. Hannah Rappleye L / NBC News

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“Ingestion of a significant quantity of tire shred did not elevate a child’s risk of developing cancer, relative to the overall cancer rate of the population.” (Rachel Simon, University of California, Berkeley, Review of the Impacts of Crumb Rubber in Artificial Turf Applications

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Artificial turf or ‘synthetic turf’ is made of plastic blades of grass, backing material to hold the blades, and infill usually crumb rubber that helps support the blades. Crumb rubber infill is estimated to be about 90% of the weight of fields, thus forming the vast majority of the playing surface.

Amazon.com : 50 lb Bags of Rubber Crumb Synthetic Turf...

TYLife Artificial Grass Tape Self-Adhesive Seaming Turf Tape, Lawn,Carpet Jointing,Mat Rug,Connecting Fake Grass,6" x32.8' 15cm x 10m 4.4 out of 5 stars 290 $19.55

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American Turf Supply is your source for crumb rubber too. We can supply various types, colors and sizes of crumb rubber granules, available in 50 pound or 2000 pound sacks. For current pricing or to place a crumb rubber order, please contact us today.

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Several types of artificial turf fields use crumb rubber as an infill material deposited between blades of artificial grass attached to a backing material. This document will provide information about health and safety issues related to this type of synthetic turf field.

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One of the best fake grasses for dogs is PetGrow’s Pet Pad Artificial Grass Turf. The super durable materials that went into the manufacturing of this artificial turf resist high temperatures, fading, and consistent pet exposure. The rubber backing of this artificial turf has drainage holes throughout.

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Apr 30, 2020· It's now quite possible to install artificial grass without the fake grass look.... to the idea of swapping their turf grass for synthetic grass.... the crumb rubber used for infill below the...

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The synthetic grass of today isn’t at all what it was back then. The technology changed because the needs have evolved. While AstroTurf’s name will always be associated with fake grass, the manufacturing process used to make synthetic turf for football fields is a whole lot different than artificial grass for landscape applications.

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Health concerns about synthetic turf are related to the “crumb rubber” used in the top layer of these products to provide extra padding and keep the “grass” upright. Crumb rubber is made from recycled tires and contains small amounts of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs and volatile organic compounds VOCs as well as heavy metals...

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Aug 30, 2013· The study did not find any occurrences of latex allergies resulting from contact with crumb rubber fields and it is determined that the rubber used does not expose the public to a health hazard. For more information, call Artificial Turf Supply today and find out more about fake grass

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Opponents of Crumb Rubber. The Center for Environmental Health CEH recommends that schools replace artificial grass that has crumb rubber infill with an artificial grass product that has natural infill when feasible, in order to minimize children’s exposure to toxic chemicals.

Synthetic Turf Fields, Crumb Rubber, and Alleged Cancer Risk

Most synthetic turf fields have crumb rubber interspersed among the simulated grass fibers to reduce athletic injuries by allowing users to turn and slide more readily as they play sports or exercise on the fields. Recently, the crumbs have been implicated in causing cancer in adolescents and young

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Part 1 communicates the research objectives, methods, results and findings for the tire crumb rubber characterization research i.e., what is in the material. Part 2, to be released later, will include data to characterize potential human exposures to the chemicals found in the tire crumb rubber material while using synthetic turf fields.