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Envirofill The Best Infill For Your Artificial Turf

Envirofill Antimicrobial Turf Infill [Safe] // IDEAL TURF

Oct 15, 2020· Envirofill is the industry's best choice for any application in need of a high-performance infill, offering added durability against heavy foot traffic and pets. Keeps Turf Cooler During Texas Summers Acrylic coating reduces surface temperature of turf up to 20%. Antimicrobial Microban® Infused Technology

Envirofill The Best Infill for Your Artificial Turf...

Feb 01, 2012· Envirofill, composed of rounded quartz core mined from the Hickory Formation in central Texas, is specially designed for use in artificial turf. It looks and feels natural and is warranted to perform for 16 years. Envirofill is also manufactured with Microban antimicrobial product protection to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause odors and even staining. Compare

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Envirofill is cooler. That’s right, Envirofill synthetic grass infill has been proven to lower the surface temperature of your artificial lawn up to 25% and will stand up to the harshest weather conditions. You can always count on Envirofill synthetic turf infill to be safe

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The black and green mixture of Envirofill gives the perfect aesthetic finish for putting surfaces. The rounded shape, uniform size, and smooth surface makes it easy to fill dense putting green material. Envirofill 16-30 settles into the putting green surface quickly and easily.

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Landscape Silica Sand makes for a great all-purpose artificial grass infill when aesthetics are the only concern. It will weigh your grass down and keep the blades standing upright. The finer Putting Green Silica Sand is used in putting greens to control the speed of the ball roll.

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The clear solution is Envirofill. It’s the only turf infill for synthetic grass designed to be low-maintenance, long-lasting, safe, pet-friendly, and odor-free in home landscapes. When compared to Envirofill, silica sand infill simply doesn’t measure up. Here’s why. Top 5 Reasons to Choose Envirofill Over Sand Infill for Your Artificial Grass

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We’ve designed the best turf infill for playgrounds. Both Envirofill and Safeshell are turf infill products born out of a need to keep kids safe while they play! Non-toxic and completely reusable, our products create a synthetic turf experience that looks and feels exceptional on playground sites.

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Everything that goes into Envirofill has been carefully chosen for its safety and reliability. The latest in infill product technology – a non-toxic, non-absorbent “synthetic soil” that’s pet- and environment-friendly, preventing bacteria growth. Envirofill’s trademark green silicone dioxide granules are cooler under sun than black crumb rubber and more sanitary than silica.

Infill Options [Envirofill T°Cool® Silica] // IDEAL TURF

Infill refers to the products that are placed in between the fibers of artificial turf, or the synthetic grass blades. The purpose of infill is to help the grass blades stand up, or return back to their intended upright position after they have been exposed to pressure. Additionally, infill helps to shield the backing used on artificial turf...

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50 lb Bag Turf infill for your home’s artificial lawn: it’s clean, toxin-free, and durable Zero watering. No frequent top-off. These factors and more make Envirofill the infill of choice for homes, parks, and facilities where people are more focused on living and playing than on upkeep and maintenance.

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Artifcial Turf Infill for Pets, Putting Greens & More...

We’ve designed the best turf infill for playgrounds. Both Envirofill and Safeshell are turf infill products born out of a need to keep kids safe while they play! Non-toxic and completely reusable, our products create a synthetic turf experience that looks and feels exceptional on playground sites.

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Picking the best turf infill for your artificial grass landscaping project.... the longest warranty of an artificial turf infill. Envirofill has been in production since 2005 and has proven to have a very stable coating. The simplest test to prove its stability is to place the product in a jar of water and shake it. The water will stay clear.


ZeoFill is recognized as the best all natural artificial grass infill. When used on artificial or synthetic lawns it neutralizes the ammonia in pet urine and eliminates the odor. It is recommended to use all ZeoFill as your infill on top of the turf when medium to large sized pets are going to urinate on the turf.

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Infill is spread down into the turf fibers to help the blades of grass stand up. It also protects the grass backing from ultraviolet rays which could eventually cause damage and void warranties. Some artificial grass infill options are ZeoFill®, Envirofill, Durafill, Copper slag, Silica Sand and/or Rubber.

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Aug 18, 2016· · Infill protects the artificial turf’s foundation, so it helps your synthetic lawn last longer. · Infill provides drainage. · Infill helps the aesthetics of your turf by keeping the blades upright. Natural Infills. There are five types of artificial turf infill with the newest called Envirofill.Envirofill is coated sand coming in a...

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With so many infill options, there is no obvious “best” choice, because every artificial turf installation is a custom project. No worries, though. Your Heavenly Greens design consultant will help point you toward the best option s that match your type of artificial grass and intended usage.

What is the Best Artificial Grass Infill for Pets?

Artificial turf is safe for both children and pets and will withstand several years of use with minimal wear and tear. One of the keys to its longevity and durability is the type of infill that is used. Artificial grass infill for pets needs to be durable, resilient and able to resist odors as well as discoloration when exposed to urine and feces.

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Oct 24, 2017· Considering the various types of infill available and the qualities all of them will bring to your yard of artificial turf, the better choice is clearly a sand infill. One should simply look at the economic and physical benefits of using a sand infill to see why this is the better choice over rubber.

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Envirofill is an acrylic coated infill product that is produced by USGreentech and treated with powerful antimicrobial technology by Microban. Infill is located within the base of a synthetic turf system to support the turf blades and act as the ballast, footing, and athletic shock absorption component of the turf

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This quantity will infill approximately 750 to 950 sq. ft. of synthetic grass. The calculations for infill are 1.5 to 2 lbs. per sq. ft. of lawn. This will depend on the blade and thatch ratio of your lawn. The plusher the lawn the less infill you need for blade support and a natural look. We recommend infill for synthetic

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Apr 01, 2020· Envirofill. Envirofill is designed to be a non-toxic and bacteria-free infill solution. Made up of green silicone dioxide granules, Envirofill is very popular for synthetic turf lawns where the transmission of bacteria is a concern, such as playgrounds and sports fields.

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Putting Green Artificial Turf Installations. NOTE: This item is a custom order and is not returnable. Envirofill 50 lbs Green/Black Blend Putting Green 30/50 Mesh is a low maintenance infill that looks and feels like a natural putting green.