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The artificial grass base is the layer between the subsoil and the artificial grass. One of the most important elements of constructing a synthetic grass facility is sub-base preparation. For a football field, A properly constructed sub-base can extend the lifespan of football grass and ensure the performance of the artificial grass football...

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Jun 21, 2019· Artificial grass material was made porous so water can pass through, if your artificial grass sub-base material is not installed properly, it could cause wrinkles and gaps in your turf. Uneven surfaces can create dips in your lawn and cause accidents. The best sub-base for artificial grass is one that functions like native soil.

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After the right base is in place, you can go with your choice of natural or artificial grass. In fact, many outdoor sports complexes feature different types of grass for the playing field, the sidelines, and the end zones based on level of foot-traffic. When you hire the right type of sports field contractor, they will be able to connect you

Guidelines for Synthetic Turf Base Systems

help determine the construction methodologies necessary to achieve a stable subgrade soil. Knowledge of the existing soil conditions specific to an individual project location is critical to achieving a stable sub-grade and a high performing and long-lasting synthetic turf sports field. 3.2.2. Base

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Now that you know what base you are using and the depth is established, you can place your order for your sub-base rock based on the following formula; 1 TON 2,000 LBS of rock base per 100 Square Feet of artificial turf will give you a 3″ sub-base. Spread the sub-base material around the area and then even the sub-base using the back of a bow rake or similar yard tool.

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SCG Fields, LLC is a sports field specialty construction contractor that handles all phases of natural and synthetic turf jobs for professional, collegiate, and high school facilities, from excavation and sub base through installation and maintenance.

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Artificial Turf Installation Ground Preparation: Sub-Base, Base, and Top Base Surfaces Materials Use the following step-by-step guideline based on conditions and materials available in the desert region of the Southwest. By following this process, it will insure that your installation meets the highest standard of quality and performance. 1.

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precipitation where permeable sub-base materials are not indigenous to the area where the field has been constructed. In this case, the drainage system is either on top of the sub-base or immediately below the artificial turf, or the rainfall flows through the infill material and flows off the field on top of the impermeable backing

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For drainage, most use a 8-12 inch gravel/sand sub-base and sideline drains. These fields can take incredible amount of use compared to native soils fields. The below subjective comparison of both natural grass fields and synthetic fields is a summary

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Artficial grass tennis court sub-base construction is not a complicated job. On principle, the sub-base is similar to the structure used for building roads. Therefore, if you don’t want to do the work as DIY, but want to have the best sub-base for artificial grass, then TennisKit24 recommends finding a proper construction company.

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By Wonderedge; In Turf Edging; Tags artificial lawn border, artificial turf edging, synthetic grass edging, turf edging; Bender Board Alternative for Turf Edging. When it comes to artificial turf installation, seams and edging are what separate the pros from the bros. Keeping a close eye on the gauge width dimension of the fiber rows is crucial for seams that stay invisible without rupturing.

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Artificial Turf Costs. The cost for a new synthetic pitch can vary, depending on a number of elements including pitch dimensions, the condition of the existing sub base, the turf chosen plus other installation options such as artificial grass infill, shock pad, floodlighting, fencing and sports equipment.

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SCG Fields, LLC is a sports field specialty construction contractor that handles all phases of natural and synthetic turf jobs for professional, collegiate, and high school facilities, from excavation and sub base through installation and maintenance.

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Construction Costs of Synthetic and Natural Grass Fields For a more complete understanding of what is involved with constructing a natural or synthetic field, please view the STMA Guide to Synthetic and Natural Turfgrass for Sports Fields. • Natural with On-site Native Soil no added top soil or sod $0.90

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Artificial sports surfaces. Our Artificial Surfaces for Outdoor Sport guide looks at the use of artificial grass pitches, needle punch play surfaces, and polymeric surfaces. It gives essential information used by national governing bodies NGBs, developers and planners to meet quality standards for construction and maintenance of natural turf...

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The synthetic grass fibres and the infill rubber and/or sand determine what the field looks like. If black rubber is chosen for the infill then the pitch will look different to a field infilled with green rubber material. What cannot be seen, but which is equally important, is the sub-base of the artificial grass pitch.

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A new era in synthetic turf installation has arrived. UltraBaseSystems® is tough enough to stand up to the everyday pounding delivered by Mother Nature.


modified sand base. These fields drain the best of all three and will be used more due to their draining characteristics. Another level of the sand based field construction is one that also adds minor amounts of topsoil to sand based systems. • Synthetic Turf fields These fields are designed for multiuse sports

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Meghan Trainor was clearly talking about turf in her song “All about that bass.” Without a proper base, you will get wrinkles, and bad drainage. Bad news for a happy human life-span, let alone in the world of turf! Turf requires precise excavation and forming of sub-base materials, producing a compact yet porous substrate for drainage.

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The FIFA Quality Licensee initiative ensures that artificial football turf fields meet the highest standards in terms of quality, performance and safety according to the needs of the end user. Act Global uses FIFA benchmarks in its product development, quality standards and sport performance test methods as they were based upon top professional...