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Turf Management Training Program Caep

Turf Management Training Program CAEP

Through a CAEP turf management training program, you have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in seeding, top dressing, irrigation, pest and insect control, fertilization mowing, turf grass establishment/renovation, bunker maintenance, course setup, and equipment maintenance. By participating in one of our turf management programs, you will be able to strengthen your existing

About CAEP

After completing a CAEP program, many Exchange Visitors on the program have found careers in agriculture or now run farms, nurseries, wineries and horse operations in their respective countries. The CAEP Business Model. CAEP works with our Partners* to recruit young people to come on the program.


CAEP Training Programs are unique because we rigorously document skills throughout the program. You and the host will validates these skills, then CAEP will create a resume which will show the skills learned from your personal training plan and when they were completed.

Horticulture Programs CAEP

CAEP offers many program placements in a variety of growing climates around the globe in order for a participant to learn about horticulture production that is applicable to their home climate. The many different horticulture programs include Garden Center Training, Greenhouse Training, Landscape Training, Orchard Production, Tree Nursery Training, and Turf Management Training.

Agriculture Cattle Management Training Program CAEP

Cattle Management Training Program Details. As an exchange visitor on the CAEP cattle management program you will have the opportunity to experience calving through February, March, and April while during the summer months, you will focus on fence maintenance, herd health management, and pasture management. In the fall, calves will be weaned, and the care and feeding of beef cattle take place and may include ration balancing and herd management.

Horticulture Training Programs CAEP

CAEP horticulture training programs provide recent graduates and young adults with the opportunity to earn and learn in exciting and unique horticulture facilities around the globe. Further your education and learn all aspects of the horticulture industry through our horticulture training program.

Enology Training Programs CAEP

Training opportunities on a CAEP Enology Training Program! Viticulture Training Program. On the viticulture training program, an exchange visitor may assist in many various aspects of vineyard production including grape growing, sampling, canopy management, harvest, and analyzing how the soil and climate affect the character and quality of the grapes.

Agriculture Programs CAEP

Through a CAEP training program, you have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a beekeeping, cattle ranch, swine, field crops, or sheep farm placement. Learn the most efficient harvesting methods by using the newest and most up-to-date agricultural machinery and technology in our custom harvesting, field crops, and precision agricultural training programs.

Agriculture Training Programs CAEP

Through a CAEP agriculture-training program, you have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a beekeeping, cattle ranch, swine, field crops, or sheep farm placement. Learn the most efficient harvesting methods by using the newest and most up-to-date agricultural machinery and technology in our custom harvesting, field crops, and precision agricultural programs.

Horticulture Programs CAEP

Turf Management Training Program. Turf Management Training Programs provide young turf professionals from around the world with exciting opportunities to gain more experience in the turf industry, while using some of the latest technology in the Turf Management industry.

Equine Programs co.caep.org

Take your career to the next level by training at a world-class horse facility located in various destinations in the United States. On a CAEP Equine Training Program, you will have the opportunity to further your equine knowledge in the areas of English Disciplines, Breeding Farm Training, Racehorse Training, and Veterinarian Technician Training Programs.

Equine Veterinary Technician Training Program CAEP

Training opportunities on a CAEP Veterinary Technician Training Program! Western Veterinary Technician Training Program Details. On the veterinary technician program, exchange visitors work alongside an equine veterinarian and other certified technicians to provide care to horses.

Golf Course Turf Management Program 08/2020

Save Turf and Golf Course Management is a 69-credit Associate of Applied Science AAS degree.This program prepares students to be employed in turf, golf course, sports fields, and grounds management industries. The courses are designed to help individuals manage the operations of courses are designed to help individuals manage the operations

Horticulture Garden Center Training Program CAEP

Garden Center Training Program Details CAEP garden center training programs give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge of plant care in a retail setting. Through a garden center program, you will create attractive displays, interact with customers, and learn the art of running a garden center.

Agriculture Sheep Program CAEP

Sheep Program Details Most of the CAEP sheep programs take place in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, and Western Australia. Through an Australian sheep training program, you will gain hands-on experience with pasture-fed animals.

Agri-Mix Program CAEP

Agri-Mix Training Program Details. Agri-mix training programs provide exchange visitors with a unique opportunity to not only learn about the farm industry but also to learn about the life of an agriculture family. In an agri-mix program, you will gain experience working inside the family home, as

Pig Farm Training Program CAEP

Pig Farm Training Program Details CAEP’s pig farm programs are year-round and generally involve the care and feeding of gestating sows, lactating sows, feeder pigs and finishing pigs. The pig farm program may specialize in the growing phase for a pig or farrowing and finishing operations.

CAEP International Paid Agriculture Exchange Programs

CAEP brings young adults together from all over the world to share and learn ideas, beliefs, and agricultural practices through international paid agriculture exchange programs. Our vision is to interconnect our world peacefully through our paid agriculture exchange programs in order for our exchange visitors to identify themselves as world...

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CAEP Standard Skills: A list, compiled by CAEP, of basic and commonly learned skills for each CAEP program Personalized Skills: Skills created and defined by hosts who describe specialized training opportunities or unique aspects of a host operation that can be shared with exchange visitors

Dairy Farm Job Training Program caep-internships.com.au

Dairy Farm Job Training Program Details. CAEP Dairy Farm Job Training Program participants get the opportunity to be involved in most aspects of the operation including milking, feeding, cleaning, record keeping, harvesting forage and grain, treatment of sick animals, and waste disposal/sanitation.

Enology Business Training Program CAEP

Enology business training programs can include involvement process of branding the wine products from image definition and the packaging design to marketing organization. Grow your career in the wine industry by assisting in the marketing, hospitality and business management of a winery operation.