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Wo2014204309A1 Cool Artificial Turf Google Patents

WO2014204309A1 Cool artificial turf Google Patents

WO2014204309A1 Cool artificial turf Google Patents Cool artificial turf... The priority date is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the date listed.... Publication date 2014-12-24 2013-06-19 Priority to NL1040263A priority Critical...

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US20110117297A1 Cool artificial turf Google Patents

artificial turf fibrous material turf surface installing building Prior art date 2007-09-22 Legal status The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed. Abandoned Application number US12/675,495 Inventor

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WO2019133789A1 Artificial turf system Google Patents

Artificial turf system 10 including a primary backing layer 12 and a shock absorption component 20. The primary backing layer 12 has a plurality of artificial turf yarns 14 projecting upwardly from the primary backing layer 12. The shock absorption component 20 is composed of a sheet of three-dimensional random loop material 3DRLM 30.

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WO2018219974A1 An artificial turf... patents.google.com

The invention provides for method for forming an artificial turf infill material. The method comprises: providing 101 a zeolite ore 31 ; reducing the zeolite ore into smaller zeolite fractions 38 ; selecting 103 from the zeolite fractions a microporous zeolite mineral, whereby the selection is performed 39 using specific surface area of the mineral as a selection criterion

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WO2018209931A1 Entirely recoverable artificial turf

Provided are an entirely recoverable artificial turf and a manufacturing method thereof. The artificial turf comprises artificial grass blades and a backing fabric. The backing fabric is covered with the artificial grass blades. The artificial grass blade has a melting point lower than a melting point of the backing fabric. A root portion of the artificial grass blade is caused to melt

Author: 钱浩, 赵春贵
US7144609B2 Artificial turf system Google Patents

2004-03-29 Priority to US10/811,737 priority patent/US7144609B2/en 2004-04-12 Assigned to U.S. GREENTECH, INC. reassignment U.S. GREENTECH, INC. ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST (SEE DOCUMENT FOR...

US20130177718A1 Special Coatings for Artificial Turf...

An artificial turf surface comprised of natural looking fibrous materials is coated with special heat reflecting materials that do not alter the appearance of the fibers, but reflect unwanted heat. Both turf blades and beads can be coated. A process and method is also described in which artificial turf can be cleaned and coated in the field after installation and specially coated, flexible...

Global Patent Solutions :: Start Looking on the Astroturf...

Today we fake our way through the patent network with the start of the artificial playing surface movement. Start: US 3,332,828 A, a synthetic turf which simulates grass First Degree: US 4,203,592 A, a horseshoe type game where disks or rings are pitched or tossed at targets provided on game mats

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The university's Bronco Stadium is known for its signature blue artificial turf. So, in 2009, Boise State secured the trademark rights to its unusual field, affectionately known as the Smurf Turf.


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relatively new, exciting dogwood variety

Other items of note from the patent of Venus, are the after 20 years the parent was 18' tall x 20-21' wide, new first year plant can grow over 4' the first year, and the parent NEVER had any winter damage. Venus is also 3/4 Kousa dogwood. BTW, you can download pdf's of patents including plant patents from Google Patents.

EOS Lip Balm Sphere — Design Life-Cycle

United States Patent Teller et al. “Lip Balm with Spherical Surface and Method for Producing.” United States Patent, patent np.: US 8,888,391 B2, 2014, pp. 9-11. Maddie Matsumoto. Sophia Ponce and Halen Hogerty. DES 040A A05. Professor Cogdell. EOS Embodied Energy Evaluation. Introduction

Timeline of United States inventions 1946–1991 Naver

Timeline of United States inventions 1946–1991 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia T...

Hockey Ice Rink — Design Life-Cycle

Zoey Ward. Christina Cogdell. Des 040A. Design Life Cycle Poster. 6 December 2018. Raw Materials: The Life Cycle of a Hockey Rink. Many people, worldwide, enjoy the activities that happen on hockey rinks but rarely do they think about the activity that happened under their feet in order for the rink to come into existence.There is a lot of science behind the raw materials of a hockey rink...

Apple Card — Design Life-Cycle

Abigail Wang. Cogdell. DES 40A Fall 2019. 4 December 2019. Analysis of Apple Credit Card’s Waste and Emissions. In an era of consumerism, credit cards have taken over paper money in most cities, and while it may seem as though credit cards are more sustainable, the production from cradle to grave has an impact on our environment.

Coloured Pencils — Design Life-Cycle

Johnathan Rivera. SAS 43 Section 04. Christina Cogdell. 6 December 2018. Materials for Colored Pencils. Colored pencils are a commonly used art medium, but despite colored pencils being commonly used, many consumers are unaware of the actual materials that go into making colored pencils.

Plastic Straws — Design Life-Cycle

Darrell Evans. DES 40a. Professor Cogdell. November 18, 2018. Life Cycle Paper: Plastic Straws. The plastic straw, an unnecessary simple machine that makes our drinking needs just that much easier, makes a bigger environmental impact than the small footprint it portrays in the human hand.

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Reuben Gray, inventor of the horse racing starting barrier

Nylon Carpet — Design Life-Cycle

Of all synthetic fibers, nylon is the most common synthetic fiber produced, with more that eighty percent of all synthetic fibers produced world-wide being of nylon. Of the two nylons, it was nylon 66 that was synthetically formed first in 1940 by W.H. Carothers, which is