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Royal Grass Technology Artificial Turf Colorado

Royal Grass Technology – Artificial Turf Colorado...

Royal Grass® provides a warranty of 15 years on all defects that can be attributed to the manufacturing of the product. Your artificial lawn will remain colourfast and not fade in the sun.

Graffs Turf Artificial Grass Lawns by Royal Grass

Graff's Turfs team of professionals is ready to help you choose the best solution for your requirements. They are happy to invite you to their our facility – you're welcome to stop by, to see and feel the varieties of Royal Grass artificial grass on the 'farm'. Allthough situated in Colorado, Graff's Turf also has the states New Mexico and Wyoming under its care.

Artificial grass Fort Collins, Colorado | Royal Grass

Our products are environmentally-friendly and 100 % safe. Distribution of Royal Grass® in Boulder is by Graff’s Turf. From origin a Colorado sod farm, known for its resource for reliable sod quality. Since 2016 Graff’s added high-quality artificial grass from Royal Grass® to its portfolio. Call us at: 970 867-8873.

Photos of Artificial Turf – Artificial Grass Colorado

Photos of Artificial Turf.... Scroll down to view photos. Watch the video: Royal Grass® Technology. Contact Us. Call us on 833 327-6249 to discuss your artificial grass installation in Colorado. Don’t forget to order your free samples below! Artificial Grass Samples. Click above to order your free artificial lawn samples. See and feel the...

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ReaDY® Artificial Grass Technology by Royal Grass

Royal Grass® has two beautiful types of artificial grass in its collection that have been made with this innovative ReaDY® technology. The popular Royal Grass® Sense, successfully introduced in 2016, is now accompanied by Royal Grass® Wave. With a slightly shorter fibre, Wave looks neatly trimmed while Sense looks wild.

Royal Grass Lush: Even more luxurious

ROYAL GRASS® LUSH. Lush has slightly more fibres per square meter so your artificial lawn looks fuller and more luxurious. Thanks to the addition of some blades of grass with yellow-brownish tops, the artificial turf also has a soft, Indian summer colour. Every fibre has its own growth direction thanks

Luxury Artificial Grass Products for Quality Lawns by...

Royal Grass® artificial grass products are the most innovative turf you can get. The grass fibers are V-shaped, which is copied from natural grass, to make it look indistinguishable from real. Our Micro Nerve Technology MiNT gives the artificial grass a matt, silky colour and minimum glare. The backbone of the fibers make them stand up for a longer time than other artificial grass brands.

Artificial Grass Colorado – Next 2 Natural Turf

We now supply and install artificial lawns manufactured by Royal Grass® in Colorado and across the USA. Royal Grass® was established in 2003 as one of the first companies to see opportunities in artificial grass for garden and landscaping. Royal Grass® is now celebrating a 15 year anniversary! We have a wonderful product collection, with a great diversity of grasses. Request a free artificial turf sample

Royal Grass Lush: Even more luxurious

ROYAL GRASS® LUSH. Lush has slightly more fibres per square meter so your artificial lawn looks fuller and more luxurious. Thanks to the addition of some blades of grass with yellow-brownish tops, the artificial turf also has a soft, Indian summer colour. Every fibre has its own growth direction thanks

Next 2 Natural Turf | Top quality artificial grass

Royal Grass® is a true innovator in artificial grass technology. Today’s turf is stronger, better-looking, and has the look, feel, and texture of real, growing grass without mowing, fertilizing, or watering. Everything from the shape of the blade to the realistic look of the turf, to its superior resiliency, we make artificial turf look like real grass that maintains its look and shape for many years.

DIY turf in Colorado Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse

Artificial Grass for Installers in Colorado With our 15 year warranty, your customer will have the confidence needed to follow through with their purchase. Our wide selection of quality artificial turfs makes it easier for your business to expand your clientele. Our well

The latest technology in synthetic turf by Royal Grass

In 2005, Royal Grass® introduced the patented V-Shape® technology exclusively for its artificial turf products. By imitating the V-Shape of a natural blade of grass, each synthetic fibre looks more realistic and is reinforced with more strength. The V-Shape helps the

Buy Artificial Grass and Lawn Turf from Royal Grass Australia

Thanks to the innovative cutting-edge technology used by Royal Grass®, our lawns are almost indistinguishable from natural grass. Your artificial lawn will keep its original green colour for many years. Royal Grass® has been around since 2003 so we have the confidence that comes with experience to guarantee a 12-year product warranty.

ReaDY Technology Royal Grass Australia

Artificial grass made with this technology has fibres that are pointing in different directions, just like natural grass. This distinguishes our artificial turf from that of other brands. Their products have fibres that are all still standing in one and the same direction. We currently offer three wonderful types of artificial turf products manufactured with this unique ReaDY® technology: Royal Grass® Sense, Royal Grass®

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Buy Artificial Grass in The Algarve, Portugal. Royal Grass® Portugal are manufacturers, suppliers and installers of artificial grass. Our lawn products are suitable for gardens, pool areas, landscapes, pets, mini football, playgrounds and schools. A full installation service is available throughout Portugal.

Artificial Turf Installation Royal Grass Australia

Royal Grass® has a beautiful and natural appearance. To achieve the best results, we recommend our artificial turf is installed by an experienced professional. Royal Grass® does not only sell artificial turf. Our carefully selected dealers provide a complete solution with comprehensive customer service.

Lush Royal Grass Artificial / Fake Grass in UAE

Royal Grass® artificial grass is the perfect alternative to natural grass in United Arab Emirates. If you have artificial grass, you will no longer have to spend many liters of valuable water to spray your lawn and you do not have to worry about the maintenance either.

Artificial Grass in Canberra... Royal Grass Australia

With Royal Grass® you are guaranteed to get artificial turf of the highest quality. The products of Royal Grass® are manufactured with the utmost care and only environmentally friendly materials are used for its artificial turf. So you can be sure the artificial turf of Royal Grass® is 100% safe and recyclable. Natural looking artificial grass

Artificial Grass Small Garden Ideas

Apr 03, 2020· Artificial Grass Small Garden Ideas. Enjoy your garden every single day of the year with artificial grass. Royal Grass is the highest quality artificial lawn available. Artificial Grass ideas for a small garden – Patio and Earl Norton Having a small yard or outdoor living space does not mean that you can't have a great garden.