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Natural Rye Artificial Turf Express California Grass

Natural Rye Artificial Turf Express "California Grass...

Nov 27, 2018· Natural Rye. $ 3.17. This is our Natural Rye artificial grass product. Many of our customers have described Natural Rye as having a “real California grass” aesthetic due to the long tan thatch blades that rise up along with the green blades. This

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San Jose, California, 95111. Showroom Visit our Artificial Turf Showroom. Hours: Mon – Fri: 8am-4pm Saturday: 9:30am 4pm Closed Sunday ***We Do Not Install Turf*** Subscribe to our mailing list and automatically receive a 5% off coupon.

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Aug 29, 2019· San Jose, California, 95111. Showroom Visit our Artificial Turf Showroom. Hours: Mon – Fri: 8am-4pm Saturday: 9:30am 4pm Closed Sunday ***We Do Not Install Turf*** Subscribe to our mailing list and automatically receive a 5% off coupon.

Artificial Turf Los Angeles DIY Artificial Grass

ARTIFICIAL TURF LOS ANGELES, part of the Elite Artificial Grass Network, is an industry-leading turf installer in Southern California. Our business model is built on a culture of care and we are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction.

Malibu 4 Artificial Turf Express

Feb 18, 2020· San Jose, California, 95111. Showroom Visit our Artificial Turf Showroom. Hours: Mon – Fri: 8am-4pm Saturday: 9:30am 4pm Closed Sunday ***We Do Not Install Turf*** Subscribe to our mailing list and automatically receive a 5% off coupon.

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Color: Field Green/Olive Blend Yarn Type: Monofilament Face Weight: 40 oz. Pile Height: 1.5 inches Backing: Polyurethane Hole Punched Roll Width: 15ft 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty *Requires 1 -3 pounds of infill per sq. ft. All products are set at a standard 15ft width. To determine product cost, enter the total length you need to cover your area in the box below.

Natural Fescue 2" | Artificial Turf Express | San Jose

This product is Natural Fescue 2″. It is excellent for many different purposes, but is best used for home landscaping projects. Color: Olive Green / Brown. Yarn Type: Monofilament. Face Weight: 70 oz. Pile Height: 2 inches. Backing: Hole Punch. Roll Width: 15ft. Artificial Turf Express – Natural Fescue

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Telephone: 408.960.2255 370 Umbarger Rd, Suite B San Jose, California, 95111. Showroom Visit our Artificial Turf Showroom. Hours: Mon – Fri: 8am-4pm Saturday: 9...

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NewGrass artificial grass is the artificial lawn solution when natural grass is not an option for your outdoor living space and water conservation and being environmentally and eco-friendly are as important as having more green lawn to enjoy year-round.

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Our artificial grass lawn that still provides a natural looking lawn with great durability. This is available as a 25mm to 50mm pile. The most lifelike synthetic grass available, it is UV stabilised to minimise fading and manufactured from the highest quality yarn in the world. No watering; No fertilisers; Looks great all year; 7 year warranty

RealGrass Rye 15 ft. Wide x Cut to Length Artificial Grass...

The RealGrass Natural 15 ft. Wide x Custom Order Artificial Grass Synthetic Lawn Turf Carpet for Outdoor Landscape features 100% polyethylene blades with patented urethane backing system. It

Imperial Rye Imperial Synthetic Turf

This popular S Blade design has that perfect green & olive blend, inspired by the darker color of natural Ryegrass. The unique thick blade construction is tightly packed together, giving Imperial Rye a built-in cushion and comfortable feel. An excellent choice for any landscape, playground and pet area that can take heavy traffic with minimal...

Natural Grass vs Artificial Turf: The Pros and Cons...

May 23, 2020· When synthetic turf first came onto the scene in the 1950s, some believed that artificial grass would replace natural grass as the standard for lawns. In fact, plastic and synthetic manufacturing companies speculated that synthetic turf might eliminate the practice of mowing, water, and raking lawns.

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The reason artificial turf contains these chemicals is that the latest version of artificial turf is made of bright green plastic blades attached to a sod-like base. In order to make the blades stand up in a passable imitation of grass, since the 1990s most synthetic turf has required some sort of infill, which is usually crumb rubber made from...

PACIFIC GRASS AND TURF Artificial Landscape

Servicing in the Northern California area, Pacific Grass & Turf is here to give you the perfect yard, year round. Our professional staff installs the highest quality of synthetic grass for a great value. We pride ourselves on our top of the line customer service, our high-quality of work, and our honesty and integrity.

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Artificial grass and turf has been around for decades but has recently been picking up in popularity for homeowners. It eco-friendly, low-maintenance and far cheaper over the long run when compared to keeping and maintaining a natural lawn. In this guide, we will go over some of the top artificial grass and turf available.

Residential Shawgrass

183SG Summer Rye. 183SG Summer Rye.... ofering a budget-conscious synthetic turf solution for any lawn. Combining green, lush fibers with an added thatch layer translates into a natural, well-manicured aesthetic that will raise curb appeal—and envy. Keep your lawn and your wallet green all year long with the Navigation Collection from Shawgrass.

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Artificial Grass Express is an authorized supplier of Tiger Turf and Everlast turf products and manufacturer of E1Turf products. Artificial Grass Express is known for providing an internet based solution for an on-demand artificial grass supply and delivery service.

Can I Install Artificial Grass on Top of Real Grass...

Now, let’s look at some of the cons of putting fake grass over real grass. Issues with Installing Artificial Grass on Top of Natural Grass. 1. If you install over natural grass without a good weed barrier, there is a much higher chance of grass or weeds growing up through the artificial grass backing. 2.

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“Natural turf has more give” and “There is no reason to have artificial turf, the technology exists even in colder climates to maintain the turf’s longevity.” The first artificial turf-style field was introduced in the mid-1960s when ChemGrass was installed at the Houston Astrodome to replace the dying grass in the first domed stadium.

Summer Rye Artificial Grass Green-R Turf, Pavers, of San...

Green-R Turf Artificial Grass landscapes provide the look and feel of healthy, natural grass, yet offer the family and pets all of the benefits of the latest artificial grass technology. While Pavers can be beautiful additions to your landscape, as the advantages goes far beyond their good looks.

All You Need to Know About Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial ryegrasses are used throughout the United States as turf grasses and as high-quality pasture grasses for livestock. Despite its agricultural uses, perennial ryegrass isn't related the rye plant that produces cereal grain. Perennial ryegrass is related to the turf grass known as annual ryegrass, but these two plants differ, too.

Ravens switching from artificial turf to natural grass

Dec 04, 2015· The Ravens played on grass from 1998 until 2002 before switching to artificial turf. The new natural surface will consist of Bermuda grass and rye grass

For a Home Imperial Synthetic Turf

IST offers a wide range of authentic grass color blends, achieved through blending a combination of four different colors: two different color blends in the tall blades and 2 different color blends in the thatch. Summer Blend: This color blend is proprietary to Imperial Synthetic Turf and was developed specifically for California. This color...