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Greenplay Australia is a Principal Sponsor to West Torrens Birkalla Soccer Club International Rugby Board preferred synthetic turf producer Fédération Internationale de Football Association preferred synthetic turf producer

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From multi-sports areas to specific sports disciplines: Limonta Sport products in the SPORTSGROUNDS line have been designed to offer high-performing and durable PVC surfaces, able to meet the requirements for use in professional and non-professional fields.

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Greenplay incorporates in its surfaces all the quality and experience from Limonta Sport from of over 40 years in the production of the best artificial turf systems for Sport. Attentive to ecology, Limonta Sport has tested all its products, guaranteeing a range of hypoallergenic and non-toxic production, therefore suitable for both children

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Limonta Sport manufactures and distributes synthetic turf since 1979, bringing the experience and the tradition of the Limonta Group, founded in Italy more than 100 years ago. Since 1979 Limonta Sport has been developing and producing the best artificial turf pitch systems on the market for football, rugby, tennis, hockey, and golf and PVC...

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Synthetic turf is a specialised surface made up of synthetic fibres with the functionality and look of natural grass. Commonly used in applications from residential lawns and commercial applications right up to the highest level of sports arenas.

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CORKONUT ® PERFORMANCE. Testing validates that a sports turf system with Greenplay Corkonut ® offers performance and safety on par with pristine natural turf grass to reduce the incidence of injuries, concussions and abrasions. It enhances foot stability, rotational resistance and energy restitution to meet or exceed all FIFA requirements. Ball control, direction and bounce remain true

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Sporting Artificial Turf Our sporting range has been developed using many years of experience within the industry together with yarn technologies of one of the world leaders in yarn extrusion. Our range of specially designed sports synthetic grass is suitable for both residential and commercial sports

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Synthetic grass tennis courts are now the most commonly chosen surface in Australia, due to being aesthetically more attractive and offering tremendous comfort for the player. Synthetic grass can also be marked out to cater for other sports like basketball and soccer making it even more appealing.

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Artificial sports surfaces. Our Artificial Surfaces for Outdoor Sport guide looks at the use of artificial grass pitches, needle punch play surfaces, and polymeric surfaces. It gives essential information used by national governing bodies NGBs, developers and planners to meet quality standards for construction and maintenance of natural turf...

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Artificial turf with crumb rubber over stone was a great step forward 30 years ago, but that’s now yesterday’s field design. Today’s quality artificial turf systems more closely mimic a great natural turf field by effectively addressing the 3 Points of Safety:

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It is the only organic infill for artificial turf manufactured in-house and distributed direct to the consumer for sports or landscape turf applications. That is how Greenplay artificial grass infill can guarantee to its customers the highest level of comfort, safety and environmental sustainability.

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When blended with our pure cork the result is an extremely stable sports surface rivaled only by natural grass. Consistency of play is maximized and fly out is virtually eliminated. Artificial turf continues to be the choice of most schools and municipalities.

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The resulting data from this test comparing synthetic surfaces utilizing the Brock Gen II PowerBase systems under a 2" turf with 70% sand and 30% Greenplay organic infill. The graphs illustrate impact results of the synthetic surfacing systems in relation to a natural turfgrass study from the UTCAS.

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We want to supply you with the best quality sports surfaces for your requirements. This means safety, affordability and durability. If you’re in need of an artificial turf or sports surface, contact us today on +852 2390 6833, or email [email protected]

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The strength, performance and ability to support heavy usage under any conditions are the characteristics that define Limonta Sport’s artificial surfaces as the best alternative to natural grass.. The rigorous laboratory and field tests follow major international sporting federation guidelines to ensure that all performance, safety, durability, quality and game welfare requirements meet the...

Natural Grass vs Artificial Turf in Sports

Aug 31, 2018· Labor Day weekend usually marks the end of summer, the beginning of a new school year, and the start offall sports, including football and soccer. With the competitive nature of sports also comes controversy around the athletes and everything that surrounds them, even the surfaces they play on. Artificial Turf Artifici

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surfaces. Sport England successfully used the concept for the ‘Playing Field and Green Spaces Programme’ in 2003 and have since promoted the use of PQS’s as key criteria for the design, procurement and construction of natural turf sports pitches. They provide a way to ensure that natural turf playing surfaces are constructed

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Sporting Artificial Turf Our sporting range has been developed using many years of experience within the industry together with yarn technologies of one of the world leaders in yarn extrusion. Our range of specially designed sports synthetic grass is suitable for both residential and commercial sports

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Dec 05, 2016· Artificial sports surface cleansing is also a part of the proactive approach towards the maintenance of these surfaces. An artificial sports field, which is over 3 years old and is suffering from either surface silt or poor drainage, needs deep pitch cleansing at least once a year.

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Sports Surface Maintenance: How to Care for Synthetic Turf. One big advantage of having artificial, synthetic turf is that it doesn’t need watering, reseeding, or mowing the way natural grass does. Because of this, more and more people are beginning to prefer the use of synthetic turfs when it comes to sports construction.However, this doesn’t mean that artificial turf requires absolutely...

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Sprinturf, in business since 1998, is the only North American company that produces all their fibers and turf, in house, and in America. GreenPlay's plant-based infill systems have the unique...

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SYNLawn Alabama is proud to offer multi-sport surface systems including SYNCourt, SpeedTurf and TrackTurf. We provide custom design and installation throughout Montgomery and Birmingham. Our sport surfaces are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology to bring the highest-quality outdoor sports surface right to your home or training facility.

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Artificial turf was developed by chemists at Monsanto in the mid-1960s. It was first known as AstroTurf after it was installed as the sports surface at the Houston Astrodome in 1966. Now, 50 years later, more than 11,000 synthetic turf athletic fields are used at schools, colleges, parks, and professional stadiums across the U.S., according

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Nov 29, 2016· Synthetic Turf for Sports Surfaces. Posted on November 29, 2016 by Turf. Synthetic turf is gaining importance every year. It does not require watering, mowing, fertilizing, and lower labor costs. Artificial grass can withstand any weather conditions. So this will help the players to play throughout the year.