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The influence of artificial turf on football match

Football has always been a hot topic in the world. As far as China was concerned, the country's emphasis on football has also risen to a new height, including the construction of football field, education and so on.

Natural grass: the characteristic of natural grass is that it is tender and tender, and it will not scratch the athletes' figure. The natural grass has better sports function and will not affect the ball deviation and ball trajectory.

Natural grass: if the natural grass is well maintained, it can be used for a long time. However, if it is not well maintained, it will also lead to the withering of the lawn, and the service life and duration can not be guaranteed.

Artificial grass: the foundation of artificial grass is not affected by the location. It can be laid on the cement ground or on the hard soil. It will not be affected by many factors like natural grass.

Artificial grass: artificial grass can save the tedious maintenance work of natural grass in the later stage, only need to stop some cleaning and some simple maintenance regularly.

Natural grass: the weather has a great impact on natural grass. In many countries or regions, the weather is extremely bad. For example, in Africa, it is hot and cold in Eastern Europe. Natural grass is hard to grow.

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Everyone knows that the 2018 World Cup in Russia is in full swing. So what is Russia? A word induction synthesis, thief cold ah! So in such a cold place, can natural grass support it? The answer is, it's hard! The planting cost and maintenance cost are commensurate high. After all, we can't use artificial grass to replace the "artificial football" in Russia, so it's too late for us to explore the "artificial grass" in this country.

Artificial grass: on the contrary to natural grass, man-made grass can be used no matter how bad the weather conditions are. This is also the reason why natural grass is gradually replaced by artificial grass in extreme weather areas.

So, after all, can stopping training on artificial turf increase the risk of injury? In the past few years, there has been a lot of research on this aspect in various sports. Recently, the author also uses the method of meta analysis to discuss whether this conclusion is established in the field of football. The final result shows that stopping playing or training on artificial turf does not increase the chance of players suffering from acute injury. However, the difference of game style may lead to the increase of injury risk due to the inherent views of players on artificial turf.

Natural grass: natural grass can't be planted in all places. There are a lot of lack of soil, watering and fertilization.

Natural grass: everyone knows that the natural grass on the football field is maintained by special personnel. Every time a game is played, professional maintenance must be carried out, including (missing lawn replanting and lawn mowing). In ordinary times without competition, maintenance works such as watering, fertilizing, pruning and pest killing are also needed. The maintenance work in the later stage is very complicated.

For a long time, the view of football players and coaches is that stopping playing or training on artificial turf is more likely to cause injury to players. However, with the latest development of technology, the so-called "third generation artificial turf" has been used in more public venues and professional courts. However, the debate on whether artificial turf can increase the risk of injury is still continuing.

Artificial grass: the material of artificial grassland is PE (polyethylene), which has good wear resistance and is suitable for sports field. The test data and temporary practical lessons, as well as the test conducted by professional institutions, have been carried out. It can be used all day long, and the life span of artificial grass is about 8 years.

Artificial grass: made of acrylic fiber, it has excellent antiskid function and improves friction.

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