The three biggest factors influencing the cost of cage football field

Benefits of natural grass: soft texture, can meet the needs of sports friction of football, protect kickers, not easy to be injured, even in very strong sports trip will not appear large scratch. Disadvantages: it can only be used when season and weather permit, and the surface is not smooth enough.

Advantages of artificial lawn: smooth surface, not affected by weather and climate. The surface is soft, so that football can be better used and play a protective role. Disadvantages: there is no soft natural lawn, so the protective effect is a little poor.

Choice: some professional competitions need natural grass, but it will hurt the lawn all the time. The cost of finishing later is very expensive, so artificial grass is generally used instead.

Football match, the quality of the football field to a standard can be, and the quality of the lawn has become a key reason. As the basis of football activities, the quality of grass is directly related to the quality and time of the game, the speed of players' movement, the experience and safety of players, and affects the on-site performance of players.

In 1970, there was a heated debate over the two kinds of turf. In 1980, the relevant turf evaluation standards of the British National Sports Committee gave this objective view a basis. There are some evaluation indexes, such as the rebound force of the ball, the hardness and smoothness of the field, the sliding length of the ball, and the degree of sliding friction.

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The elasticity of natural grass is small. When the ball reaches the ground, it is easy for the player to control and stop the ball. Artificial grass is made of plastic and filled with silica sand and rubber particles, so it has certain elasticity and is easy to rebound. In this way, it is necessary to change people's stopping position, recalculate the rebound position of the ball, and players need to have new strategies.

The rebound of these two kinds of lawns is not the same, so the athletes' skills need to be adjusted. If the natural grass is flat, and the weather is suitable and the grass is not falling off, it is conducive to the athletes' competition. However, the surface and rain, grass fell to make the field slippery, uneven ground, will make the athlete's joint injury, uneven can change the direction of the ball, so that the player can not play normally. Even if it doesn't rain, if the grass falls, the field will be too hard to hurt the players and affect the competition.

The ground of artificial grass is thick, which ensures the leveling of the site, and its drainage equipment is not easy to be restricted by the weather. In terms of smoothness, this way is more suitable for football. It is harder than the former, but it can also play a more protective role for athletes.

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