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Several forms of aging of artificial turf in football field

Each product has its own service life, and the aging of artificial turf is inevitable. The service life of football turf with qualified quality is generally 6-10 years, which will have some differences due to the specific use situation; the aging time limit and degree of artificial turf with unqualified quality is somewhat unpredictable, and problems may occur in less than half a year.

The aging of artificial turf in football field has a direct relationship with a series of links of field use. The normal use of artificial turf can be maintained only by keeping each link in good condition. Such as the use of the foundation of the artificial turf, the base cloth and grass fiber contained in the artificial turf, the firmness of the adhesion between the turf and the elastic retention of the filled rubber particles, etc.

1、 The foundation deformation of artificial turf aging in football field.

Artificial turf foundation is mostly poured by cement concrete or crushed stone asphalt. If the construction and construction operation is standard, the quality of raw materials is up to standard, and there is no illegal use, such as allowing heavy machines to enter the site, the strength and stability of artificial turf foundation make its service life much longer than that of artificial turf itself, and generally speaking, it can be used for more than 30 years.

2、 The base cloth of artificial turf in football field is damaged.

Artificial turf cloth is a part of direct contact with foundation. It is made up of PP, non-woven fabric and mesh cloth. It is influenced by climate and weather, such as overheating and subcooling temperature, or being soaked by rain and snow. So it is necessary to require durable and anti-aging of base cloth. If the thickness of the base cloth is not enough or the quality is not good, it will be aged and rotten ahead of time and shorten the life of artificial turf.

3、 The results showed that the aging of artificial turf in football field resulted in fiber fibrosis or joint cracking.

The core of artificial turf is the most vulnerable part. The inferior artificial turf grass silk will be powdered in the natural environment, which will cause harm to human body after being inhaled. The qualified artificial turf grass silk will also be aged in the long-term use, such as the grass silk becomes loose or broken.

In addition, if the bonding is not proper when paving lawn, the joint part of lawn will crack early. Under normal conditions, if the pavement is enough standard, it can basically maintain the same life as lawn.

4、 Rubber particle aging of artificial turf in football field.

The artificial turf of football field is usually filled with quartz sand and rubber particles. The rubber particles will be aged with time limit, lose elasticity, harden and sink, and accumulate at the bottom of grass silk, which will seriously damage the sports performance of football field. In this case, if the lawn itself is not aging, then replace the filling particles.

The service life and quality of artificial turf in football field are related to whether the field is properly used. However, no matter what the reason is, since the artificial turf is aging, it is no longer suitable for the stadium to continue to use. Therefore, it is necessary to repair and transform the turf in time and replace it with a new one.

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